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Brittany food

    Like virtually anywhere in France, Brittany is a region with fine gourmet traditions, the most famous of which is shellfish, or as the French call them "fruits de mer", fruits of the sea.
    Coastal fishing takes place all round the shores of Brittany, and each small harbour has its fishing boats. Fishing ports such as Concarneau, in the Morbihan, have boats specialising in crabs and lobsters, fished in the waters between the coast and the Glenan islands. When times are good, they may also bring in a lobster or two. Oysters are raised in oyster beds on other parts of the coast. The fishermen of Brest, Morlaix and the big fishing ports take their ships many hundreds of miles from the Breton shores, to bring back an array of Atlantic and northern fish; but in many places stock are becoming depleted, and strict quotas have left the Briton fishing fleets much smaller than they used to be.
    Popular shellfish include a range of mussels, winkles, scallops (coquilles Saint Jacques), oysters and other mouth-watering delicacies, which Breton restaurants can serve in a marvellous range of styles.

    Other delicacies for which the region is famous include "crêpes" (pancakes) and a variety of Breton pastries, the most famous being the Breton butter cake or Kouign Amann .
    Brittany has a strong agricultural tradition, and is famous for its early vegetables and its salted butter, which many restaurants will find the most mouth-watering ways to combine.
     Unlike most regions of France, Brittany does not have a great tradition in cheese. There are no famous Brittany cheeses; a number of local cheeses are however produced, and these are often available in restaurants and good food stores. On the other hand, Brittany is famous for its butter.

Drinking: Brittany is not a wine-producing region of France; however white wines are produced in the Loire Atlantique department.  As in neighbouring Normandy, cider is a more traditional drink in this part of France

Some of Brittany's good restaurants:

There are plenty of good places to eat in Brittany; the list below is just a selection, including several but not all of Britanny's Michelin starred restaurants.
There are no Michelin 3-star restaurants, but 4 two-star restaurants in Brittany.
While the presence of a Michelin listing, and in particular of a Michelin star, is a sign of quality, there are plenty of good restaurants, notably those just offering good traditional but uninventive food, that do not get a star, nor even a mention in the Michelin guide. The Gitelink Brittany guide welcomes suggestions for other good eating places to include in this guide.

Cotes d'Armor

Perros Guirec : the restaurant of the Agapa Hotel, specialising in fresh local produce.
Perros Guirec :  restaurant Manoir du Sphinx, perched on the rocks above the seashore.
Saint Brieuc : Restaurant aux Pesked; specialises in seafood, with a reputation for langoustines. 1 Michelin star
Tréguier : Restaurant les Trois Rivières  at the Hôtel Aigue Marine - 1 Michelin star


Carnac : Restaurant La Côte: a delightful setting, reasonably priced menus, and also specialises in lobster.
Port Louis: Restaurant Avel Vor - specialising in the freshest fish and seafood, right off the boat.
La Roche Bernard : Restaurant l'Auberge Bretonne. Michelin starred restaurant with chef Jacques Thorel
Lorient: Restaurant L'Amphytrion. Michelin two-starred restaurant with a chic contemporary ambiance. Reputed to be one of the best restaurants in Brittany, but at 50€ to 150€ the menus are not cheap. The owners also run l'Alto restaurant, located in the Lorient theatre building, which offers top quality cuisine at more everyday prices.
Pont-Scorff : Restaurant L'Art Gourmand - modern and creative food, and very reasonable prices. Listed by Michelin (Bib Gourmand).


Carantec: near Morlaix. Restaurant Patrick Jeffroy  Two Michelin stars 
Plomodiern : near Douarnenez. L'Auberge des Glazicks - specializing in traditional Breton dishes, including "black wheat". Two Michelin stars - and very reasonably priced by Michelin two star standards.
Roscoff : Le Temps de VivreMichelin star restaurant, three stars from the Bottin Gourmand guide - specialises in local produce, including fruits de mer.
Pont Aven : the Moulin de Rosmadec restaurant, housed in a 16th century watermill; Breton specialities presented with a special touch, and reasonable prices.
Roscoff : Restaurant at the Hotel Le Brittany . Michelin starred restaurant on the edge of the water, with a range of local specialities, even crêpes.
Saint-Guénolé : Hotel Le Sterenn - Good value for money in this good seafood restaurant in the west of Finistère. Listed by Michelin (Bib Gourmand).

Ille et Vilaine

St Malo : Restaurant le Chalut, specialising in seafood
Cancale  : Restaurant  Le Coquillage. One Michelin star - fish and seafood a speciality; generous servings.
Noyal-sur-Vilaine , near Rennes. The Auberge du pont d'Acigné. Traditional local recipes prepared in a creative and gourmet fashion. Two Michelin stars 


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